Let’s go back to the day I started to write …

Phil Brown, an English lad from Luton inspired me start this blog.


It’s 3.30pm, Charbuja village, India. 30 something degrees. It’s hot but a nice hot. I’m relaxed, really relaxed. Safe from the hassle of it all. There are a bunch of musicians recording their music video in the garden of our hostel. Music is pumping out of a speaker box that looks like one the British may have left here back in 1948. My music technology education is screaming at me to sort out the levels, way too much low. The distortion is painful. Flies buzz around me. Three flies suck on an small wound on my foot caused by the fake Adidas flip flops I was forced to buy in Goa due to my Havanas dying on me (Indians name them slippers). I smell. I have dirty clothes stained by two days of travelling, sweat and chi brown my grey T-shirt.

I don’t care. This trip has taken me to places I could never have planned or even expected to go. I love this experience. God I love India. The organised chaos bewilders, angers and fascinates me. I enjoy and learn from every experience. The smell, smiles, food, poverty, colours, scams, friendly conversations, namaste, head wiggles, boozy travellers and perverse men. I love it all. I have no plans for today, or tomorrow, I have 6 months to explore Asia. I don’t know what day it is, I’m free. Away from a structured life and the western time machine. Living with my adorable mum back in the beautiful Chatham, Kent, for 9 months, saving every penny, turning down social occasions, it was all worth it now. My life long ambition is being achieved. Right now, right here.

I met three English lads, proper happy party guys, from Milton Keynes, I like their vibe as a unit. I trust them. I met Phil, Joe and Tom first at the Anjali Inn in Mumbai. Raj, the owner, has invited the lads to his other hotel in Charbuja, a remote village north of Udaipur in Rajasthan. I’ve tagged along in hope of seeing the real India.

After spending the last 10 days in India I have learnt to relax and go with whatever flow I like the look of. Plans change, life breathes. I am now living my life to the full, not just a cog in the 9 to 5 machine.

I’m not too sure how I got here. Let’s go back to the beginning. I’m going to write a blog, a blog said from the heart, oozing with sarcasm and although degree educated and from Kent, wrote with a slightly common, mockney accent that can be eloquent when in the right company. I hope I can capture my journey for you in words.


I am.


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