Before the storm …


I’ve lived with my ever loving and supporting mother for the past 9 months in order to save the funds to travel the world in a late attempt to enlighten my soul to a higher degree.

I’ve saved hard. Surrendering some but not all social events. Summer holidays arrive with a drizzling of UK sun. Charley visits. Fun, camping, sun, laughs and the inevitable goodbyes. She made my summer, I hope I made hers.

I’ve been working every hour available to me. I’ve saved, researched, prepared. I’ve got no house, no car, no mountain bike, no job, just me and a Karrimor backapck. I’m ready for this adventure to start. I say my goodbyes to the family and friends I love dearly. A new chapter in the life of Michael Craig is about to be written. I’m eager to get started.

Neil drives me to Heathrow. In departures my emotions suddenly go nuts. I’ll miss my family and close friends, their importance in my heart rushing to the forefront of my mind. Is this the right thing for a 30 year old man to do? Shouldn’t I settle down and save up for a nice car or something the western world would accept as normal? Screw that, life is for living. Goodbye England. The world needs me. London to Bahrain, Bahrain to Mumbai. The talking is over, the doing starts now. This is it.


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