Udaipur Day 3

Chiky, the tuk tuk man, and his extremely unfriendly friend take us on a tour out of the city to Nagar, Eklinksj and some remote villages along the way. The team consists of the three English lads, Pauline, the hot French chick and yours truly. We arrive at Lakeshore in true Indian style, an hour late.

8121247736_35c5f2fcb2_mAfter breakfast I get into Chiky’s tuk tuk with Tom, one of the most gracious gingers I have ever known. We drive out into mountains, visiting a temple and greeting the locals in a village, who seem thrilled to see us.  We venture into a school. The children are buzzing with excitement when they spot us, some foreigners. I meet some Indian teachers, they are happy to speak to a teacher from England and we pose for many photos.

8121234817_318199a657_mThere are lots of cows, breath taking landscapes and crazy trucks with waving Indian men on the roof. We feel like celebrities. Chiky manages to squeeze the life out of his beloved tuk tuk to get it up the mountains and later lets Tom and I have a go behind the wheel. the other tuk tuk driver hets his mood on, he wants his money and to get the hell out of here! We visit a Karma Sutra temple covered in beautifully carved images of group sex, including a donkey punishing a women. Today’s Indians seem to be quite old fashioned in their views on sex, but back in the day, it must have been gang bang central.

We drive by villages untouched by tourism and the white man, we drink chi with staring and smiling locals. On our return, we are shown the huge tombs of the Maharaja’s (each county in India has a Maharaja, a King) of Rajasthan and taken to a bustling food market. After a day relaxing in the countryside the market takes us by surprise. The noise, cars, shouting sales people and delicious food on offer send us into a spin. I buy a selection of Indian sweets. Delicious.

Although the day was great Chiky was still on the hunt for his commissions …suits, textiles, maybe dinner at the Lakeshore? Indians never stop wanting to earn money. We return to see Yogie at the restaurant by the lake and eat quickly, I have an important appointment with my beautiful daughter on Skype.

There was no wifi so I used the PC at the hostel. The connection was made but there was no microphone or webcam. Charley could be seen and heard but she could not hear or see me. Frustrated, I type frantically while she talks! I have so much to tell her but I can’t. I miss her. I’m having the time if my life but I wish I could share it with her. She’s growing up to be an awesome young lady. I’m a proud Dad. But she’s so far away. I can’t wait to see her in oz, she’ll love it. Charbuja is waiting, we leave in 3 hours on the night bus. I’m following the boys into the unknown.


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