Charbuja Day 4

8122067277_cc326b5554_mRaj loves Monday! But today I have a clear head and start busting out some press ups in the garden. Raj discovers a weights bar with some small 5kg weights attached so I take off my shirt ready for pumping some beef. I miss that buzz you get from exercise. I can’t even run in India, there’s no paths, and the roads…well, no ones safe out there. Back to my story, I start smashing some moves with Mr Payne in the early morning sun. Before soon, the local boys who work in the village are intrigued and come join us. They love it. Photos follow with handshakes full of respect for the strong gora!

I sit writing this, contemplating the next move, do I stick with the boys or split? Travelling alone opens more doors but I have grown to love these guys like brothers. I’ll travel with them tonight and see what happens. This Charbuja experience has been a blast, truly unique, a blur at times but so interesting to walk a path few white people been before. An experience I never contemplated in my plans but a change in scenery is due.

8122006035_a902be3b2b_mI meditate to Shinzen Young in the garden. Bliss. I float.

Tonight we go to Kumbahlgarh fort, 30km away with over 360 temples inside this beast on the mountains. Raj offers us to stay another day, with the promise of a safari. I decline, my journey must continue, out of the haze if Charbuja. Choices must be made, not all open doors should be entered. A backpacker must use their judgement, a sixth sense, and this must guide them. Once your mind is made up, stick to it. There’s always options which tempt you, do what you feel is right. Trust in you.

We return to the lake and the ghats, Tom wants to jump from the bridge, his male ego dented from yesterday’s show. He wants to prove a point and does so. Ego restored, Joe and I follow. The jump seeming so much bigger this time.

Back at the hotel we dine until our jeep arrives to take us to Kumbahlgarh. We drive through villages and up into the mountains. We stop to change jeeps and watch an old man prepare another spiritual ritual potion. This stuff tastes awful but I like the warmth it gives. We arrive at a lake where we jump into some boats shaped as swans. It’s like being at Butlin’s. How bizarre. Again we continue up the mountains sweeping through villages and forests. The views please me.

8122233360_16c4bc65dc_mFinally we arrive to see the light show, flashing lights and bellowing deep Hindi voices boom around the fort. We visit a temple and take some shots of the illuminated fort. It’s truly stunning.

Raj is a lovely man. This experience a pleasure. Only mishap was him booking a bus to Jodhpur instead of Jaisalmer! Never mind, Jodhpur it is.


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