Thar Desert Day 2

8127849245_9b213db86f_mI awake on top of a sand dune to the sunrise in the Thar Desert. Pretty cool eh? Beatle tracks all around me. I walk a kilometer away from camp and climb a large sand dune. I stretch and meditate. The morning sun fresh on my skin. This is heaven. I clear my mind.
The beautiful sand dunes cover a small area. The Thar Desert is a far cry from the Sahara and is mostly covered with some form of greenery. I feel like we’ve camped out at Camper Sands.

8122492877_dbd4eeb28a_mWe eat and jump on the camels. The heat and saddle pain a pleasure, I get into a rhythm with my old chum Prabu. The strength of these animals amazes me. Prabu is loaded with bottles of water, food and bedding. Tom’s feeling the pain. We travel towards more windmills. Are we not going to more sand dunes? I’m expecting sand and lots of it. Johnny said desert, doesn’t that mean sand and dead animal carcasses?

We stop for lunch. I want to get involved and help cook up the chi and food. I’m shown how to create the fire and a stove using sticks and three bricks. The fire and sun mixed cause my body to sweat. It’s really hot but I deal with it. I learn to cook chi and vegetable masala. I enjoy. I love masala chi.

Simon, the Dane, is feeling the heat and looks unwell. We decide to settle where we are for the night. It’s a shame as I wanted to go see some village people and race my camel. We relax and take in the surroundings.

8127736878_284c025d57_mClimbing to the top of a sand dune we decide to pick some salty ‘cow fruit’ (as Raman calls it) and play boules on the sand. Back to the roots games. Love it. As the sunsets we crack open a bottle of watered down desert rum. Truth is we have no idea what it was, it tasted fowl. It was clear in colour and didn’t get us tipsy. Pretty crap, usually the worse it tastes the better its effects. This however, was a double negative. Probably a good thing, we all need a good sleep.

Falling asleep under the stars for night two, I am prepared, wrapped up from head to toe. Sleeping in a bed tomorrow night is starting to look an extremely good option, two nights and three days the perfect time to spend in the Thar.


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