Thar Desert Day 3

8127918972_b487ce93fc_mI’m sitting alone on a sand dune, watching the sunrise. It’s stunning. Shame my camera has got a piece of small sand on the lens, ruining my sunrise shots. I update my diary. Bliss. To top this off, all I need now is a….

As the sun rises I hear Matar bellowing ‘chi wallah, chi wallah, chi chi’. Perfect timing! Jam and toast for breakfast. I dislike jam, thought I’d give you that information. While our guides go to find our camels we start another game of cow fruit boules. The England v Denmark tournament the clear highlight, Thar Desert the venue! It’s the simple things in life.

8127707109_6ab60937e5_mThe camels are free to roam but are restricted by a piece of rope tied between their front ankles. Not sure if I like that idea or if it’s ethical. However, this time they have wandered further than usual. The guides have been a while and on their return, Raman complains that Prabu is tired as he has been trying make his way through the entire fleet of female camels. Dirty boy, Prabu. However, he has been unsuccessful due to the ropes limiting his movement. As Raman put it so eloquently  ‘no cobra, no lassi’.

8161460437_bc0d5a7198_mWe venture through two villages, a lake and a watering point. Wandering around the small villages I notice that goat farming is their main source of income. No English is spoken here. The children asking for pens, photos and rupees shows signs that tourists have been here before but the wee ones are delightful, laughing and giggling. There is hysterical laughter coming from a small group of children, they are mocking Casper’s broken trousers that expose his pants. Indian stitching living up its reputation. Awful. Laughter being a language we all spoke, we exchange smiles… apart from Casper.

We settle for our final feast. My time in the desert a hit. I’ve loved it. The pace was perfect. An adventure with a little time to relax. A perfect recipe for success.

Our jeep takes us back to the Deep Mahal where I’ll rest up and make my way to Jaipur. I’m leaving the boys tomorrow. I love them but I need some me time. Travelling alone opens doors that are shut to groups. I’ll see them again, our paths will cross in the future, I’m certain of it. I spend my last night with the lads listening to music on the roof top, talking, star gazing, drifting. I’m exhausted, the thighs kill but I’m enjoying the fact that the sand is mainly out of my pants and looking forward to sleeping on a mattress.


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