Rishikesh – Near death and Laughing Yoga

So today at the yoga festival, I have managed to sit in debates, philosophy lessons and good and sometimes wacky yoga classes. The last dude was eccentric, I genuinely thought it was a wind up. I have been bombarded with lots of information that I won’t bore you too much with, but these are my little gems of the day.

Did you know we breathe approximately 20,000 times daily and we process 80,000 thoughts a day. Hard work. The right nostril must be clear when you eat, this aids digestion. Sitting on your feet after eating and moving your arms around in a circular motion speeds up your metabolism.

SAM_5062Yoga can be a tad serious sometimes. The last session was laughing yoga, that guy made us do stupid things, I say no more. I like the flexibility it gives me and the hot bendy chicks are a bonus. It also helps you meditate to a whole new level. Man I love this place.

I also met up with the Danish guys, we walked down the Ganges and climbed some rocks down by the river. We also climbed up a muddy crumbling hill to get back up to the road as we were blocked off. It was a near death experience, the Danes clearly still with hearts of Vikings. We moved up the near vertical slope, dry mud falling, trainers slipping, holding onto trees for survival. Then the man size spider web had to be negotiated under, any slip would have caught the web, resulting in a spider bite that could be critical. The spiders out here are big and colourful. We survived. Just.

The views of the Ganges and the surrounding mountains were stunning. The river not affected by the pollution it receives in Varanasi. It looks lush, with a constant stream of rafters hurtling down at incredibly slow speeds. Shanti time.


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